Tips On How to Choose a Used Crib

Tips for Making Sure It Is Safe and Meets Current Standards

Baby equipment is expensive so hand-me-downs and used items are always a great idea. However, when you are given or buy used baby items, you need to make sure they are safe. Cribs are items that you need to inspect carefully before using them. You want to make certain that your infant is safe at all times. Here are some things you should look for when you consider buying a used baby crib.

Tips for Making Sure It Is Safe and Meets Current Standards
Tips for Making Sure It Is Safe and Meets Current Standards

Inspect the Slats

One of the most important parts of getting a used crib is taking a look at the slats. There should be no broken or missing slats and they should not be too far apart. In fact, if you can pass a soda can through the slats, then the spaces between them are too wide. They should never be more than 2-3/8 inches apart. If they are, your baby could get stuck between them and suffer a serious injury. All new cribs are spaced according to this safety rule, but when you are looking at used cribs, then this is something you should consider.

Inspect the Paint and Finish

This is also very important. Older vintage cribs may be coated with paint made of lead. These types of cribs should be avoided for your baby. Babies are famous for chewing on the crib rails and if the paint is dangerous, your child could ingest dangerous chemicals. Also, the finish should be smooth, free of cracks, and free of splinters.

Inspect the Mattress

Next, you have to look at the mattress. You may get a new mattress for a used crib, but it needs to fit correctly. The mattress should have a tight fit and should never pull apart at the four corners. If you can put more than two fingers between the mattress and the crib, then it is not safe.

Check the Hardware

Now you need to pay close attention to the hardware. Cribs are made to be taken apart, but that does not always mean it is put back together properly. While you can replace missing and broken screws, take a careful look at the hardware and make sure it functions properly. Make sure the rail locks in place properly. If not, your child could fall out of the crib. The crib should be stable and the headboard and frame should be sturdy and secure.

Avoid Cut-Outs

When you are looking at older cribs, you might be tempted to buy a crib with cut outs to the headboard or footboard. This can be dangerous and should be avoided. Your baby could get trapped in the cut out area or have their hand or foot stuck. These look nice, but they are not practical.

These are important pointers when looking at used cribs. Make sure you do everything you can to keep your baby safe.

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