Common Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Do you think that you might be pregnant? These are the most common signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

Missed Period: This is generally a very good indicator.

However, periods can be missed or late with an unusual amount of stress as well. In addition, just because you experience bleeding does not mean you aren’t pregnant. Also keep in mind that some women “spot” during pregnancy (Another, though not as common sign). This bleeding may be confused with your normal period and you could actually be pregnant.

Intuition: Do you have a gut feeling?

Some women simply ‘feel’ pregnant. Usually, they are correct with their intuition. Call it a woman thing, or just call it knowing your body very well.

Morning Sickness: This is the fantastic vomiting part during pregnancy that can occur any time during the day, but usually in the mornings. It can also last any amount of time.

Studies show that women who experience morning sickness typically have a lower percentage of miscarriage. Why it is that women experience morning sickness is still being researched, but probably has to do with the rising levels of hormones your body is producing.

Tender Breasts: This can also occur before your period.

However, if you notice that your breasts also look a little bigger or are more tender than normal, then you may be pregnant. You may also feel a tingling sensation.

Extreme Fatigue: Tired much?

This is a sign of pregnancy, especially if you have other symptoms. On its own however, it’s not such a great indicator. We’ve all had those hard days…or hard weeks.

Frequent Urination: Baby = Pressure on your bladder

You may feel the need to use the restroom more often if you are pregnant. This is especially true in the first and last trimester. If you gotta go, go. You do not want to risk getting an infection while you’re pregnant just because you held it in.

Other Symptoms you may experience:

Cravings for food or aversions to other food
Irritability or Mood Swings (In my opinion, the worst one!)
Body Temperature: It’s higher during pregnancy.
Low back pain: Up to 50% of women experience this early on.
Bloating or Weight Gain: …it’s going to happen when you’re pregnant. There is no avoiding it, sorry.

If you have any of these signs or symptoms, take a pregnancy test. Most pregnancy tests you get at the drugstore are just as good and accurate as if you peed at the doctors. If your test turns out positive, be sure to make an appointment. Your doctor will be able to tell if you are pregnant by the shape of your uterus, but may take a blood sample to be 100% sure.

Don’t forget to take your prenatal vitamin before you get pregnant if you’re trying to conceive, during pregnancy, and after. The new life inside of you is taking all of your body’s nutrients. If you find that your prenatal vitamins are making you nauseas, take Flintstone vitamins. Take one in the morning and one at night. These have the same vitamins and minerals as your prenatal vitamins. It is also what your doctor will recommend.

Remember, taking care of yourself during pregnancy is just as important for you as it is for you child.

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