The Best Baby Dressers For Nursery of 2022

You may not see changing diapers as your most beloved activity but if you have a child that you are catering to, then you need to accept the reality. The first year of life of the child will involve a lot of diaper changing and many parents have accepted that as a routine.

But for you to ensure that life is a lot easier for you and ensure greater comfort for your child, it is always good for you to make use of a changing pad or table. Fortunately, there are various changing tables on the market that anyone can select from; you can select the ideal one: the one that works perfectly while also complementing the look of your interior spaces.

It is even nicer if you get a changing table that has several storage compartments so that you can keep your items like towels, powders, oils, diapers, and others. Below is a collection of the very best baby dressers and changing tables that you can see in the market, and a guide on how you can go about getting the most excellent choice:

1. Delta Children Bell Top Changing Table

Delta Children Bell Top Changing Table with Wheels and Changing Pad, White

The Delta Children Bell Top Changing Table is a product made from high-quality wood and features a pair of shelves that give you a lot of space, particularly when you fix extra boxes. There are barriers on all four sides so there is enough safety for your baby.

The product is also known for meeting all the ASTM standards and this is in addition to coming with a changing pad which equally meets all the safety stands put in place by the ASTM and CPSC. As for the color, you can always choose out of three options and these include white, grey, and dark chocolate. The color option means that you can always select one that blends well with your interior. The assembling is very easy to do and you get it all set up in a matter of minutes. One of the best selling points is that it has wheels so you can move around with ease.

2. DaVinci Jenny Lind Changing Table

DaVinci Jenny Lind Changing Table in White

One of the most stunning characteristics of this baby dresser is its catchy design. The well-designed spindles give it a vintage appearance. It is also very easy when it comes to the assembly while it is also excellent when it comes to stability, especially when compared with others.

It boasts of spacious and open shelves that allow for the storage of vital supplies for your baby. Even though many changing tables are not equipped with a changing pad, this is a different one because it is fitted with a changing pad with a waterproof design. Safety is also paramount as it fulfills all the international standards of safety as outlined by the ASTM. All these properties make it a very excellent choice for parents.

3. Babyletto Hudson Changer Dresser

Babyletto Hudson 3-Drawer Changer Dresser with Removable Changing Tray in Grey

When it comes to stylish designs, this is one of the best options for you and it blends well with elegant interiors. But it is a lot more than just being stylish as it is properly constructed and has a metal drawer with a glide-and-stop style, detachable changing tray, and a lot more.

It comes with three drawers alongside a cabinet with an inner shelf. It also has elevated sides that offer maximum protection for your child even though you can detach them whenever you want. With this product, you can achieve two things at once because it can work as a changing table alongside being a dresser. You need to also know that it is remarkably pricier than others but when it comes to style, functionality, and durability, it is a leader.

4. Dream On Me Emily Changing Table

Dream On Me Emily Changing Table in Espresso

If you are concerned about the price or you want a baby dresser that can last for up to two years, then this offer from Dream On Me Emily brand is an excellent choice for you. It is one of the most simplistic in design and also one of the most pocket-friendly in the market.

Just as with other open-frame baby dressers, this one also comes with a pair of open shelves which ensures that there is enough space for your baby supplies. There is also a 5.5-inch safety rail that maximizes safety for your child. Assembly is very easy and straightforward, it is so easy that all you need to do is just screw a dozen screws in place and that is it. It is not the most stable of all choices but if you put the screws in place properly, then you are going to enjoy it.

5. Badger Basket Modern Changing Table

Modern Baby Changing Table with Laundry Hamper, 3 Storage Baskets, and Pad

The name is self-descriptive and it is truly a modernized baby dresser. It is somewhat more sophisticated than the other similar products in that it has three open shelves and not a pair. It also comes with three storage baskets made of fabrics and an equivalent hamper alongside a foam changing pad. This is a very good offer especially for the price which is just about one hundred bucks. You are offered a lot for that price. To also make sure that your baby is always secure and safe, there are safety rails on all the sides of the product – four in all.

Even though it is a solid choice, it can be too low for very tall parents. It must also be mentioned that the drawer type storage baskets cannot be said to be real drawers. But that said, it is a very good choice and a super excellent deal for any parent.

6. Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table with Changing Pad, Black Cherry

This is one of the best when it comes to aesthetic design and that is apart from the two massive shelves plus the changing pad with its water-resistant property and safety strap. It also fulfills the standards of safety put in place by the ASTM and there are also safety rails on all four sides. Then there is the frame which is made out of high-quality wood.

It appears that when your baby is grown and you have no need for the baby dresser, you can turn it into a furniture piece, like a shelf for your shoes and other items and no one will even observe that it was once a baby dresser. There are seven colors that you can choose from and these include white, vintage espresso, black cherry, dark chocolate, black, grey, and espresso cherry. Understandably, some may think that it is going to be more expensive than the others but the coolest thing about it is that is less than $100 in price.

7. Graco Lauren Changing Table

Graco Lauren Changing Table with Water-Resistant Change Pad and Safety Strap, Espresso, Multi Open Storage Nursery Changing Table for Infants or Babies

If you are looking for a baby dresser with one of the highest CPSC and ASTM safety standards but that is also mobile and needing practically no assembly, then this is the one designed for you. Just as it is with many other open-frame baby dressers, there are safety rails on all four sides alongside a changing pad that is waterproof and made from vinyl – alongside an incorporated safety strap. There are also stable and lockable rollers which allow for ease of movement all over your residence. There are five color options for you and these are as follows: grey, black, white, cherry, and espresso.

8. Badger Basket Sleigh Style Changing Table

Sleigh Style Baby Changing Table with 6 Storage Baskets and Pad

If you are more concerned about storage but you also do not want to spend all your savings, then this product from Badger Basket Sleigh is the most appropriate for you – it is truly an outstanding alternative. Since it is equipped with box-like drawers made with fabrics, it is not as expensive but also offers the same area of space.

It features three pairs of drawers and the baby dresser itself is more of a blend between a dresser style changing table and a classical open-frame type. As for safety, it does well by meeting all the lead, ASTM, and CARB ATCM safety guidelines. Even though it can take some getting used to regarding the assembly, it is easy for any user to quickly get a grip of it.

9. Athena Leila 2 Drawer Changer

AFG Furniture Leila 2 Drawer Changer Gray

This is a product in its class and unlike many other changing tables; this is a true and proper dresser-styled changing table dresser. The principal advantage of this baby dresser is that there are two massive and spacious drawers in which you can keep all the supplies for your baby in addition to having a pair of cubbies.

A major benefit also is that it has a lot more stability when compared with the traditional open-frame baby dressers. This also features a regular changing pad and you can select two color choices which are cherry and white. The cooler thing about this baby dresser is that the price difference between the two colors is around $30. That said, this is a product that is easy to use and the price also makes a lot of sense.

10. South Shore Savannah 2-Drawer Changing Table

South Shore Savannah 2-Drawer Changing Table, Pure White

For anyone interested in the most good-looking baby dresser, here is one that you should seriously pay attention to. It has a build like the Athena Leila but that it also boasts of some additional features. To illustrate, it has three rounded cubbies and the drawers come with vertical lines that add to the overall appeal.

The screw heads are also designed to be invisible and the overall build is just better, the same goes for the appearance. As for safety, it is excellent and meets all the standards. There is also a warranty valid for five years and that is a lot better than the others which are mainly valid for just one year. Even if you have to pay a little more for this, it is surely worth it.

11. Costzon Baby Changing Table

Costzon Baby Changing Table, Folding Diaper Station Nursery Organizer for Infant (Black)

The build is an open frame in nature and the design is a simple one. The legs are rounded and alongside the rails, offer a very enchanting appearance. The basic look makes it very attractive for many users. As it is also under $70 in many outlets, the deal is a very great one. There are four colors to choose from and these include black, wine, white, and coffee. There are two expansive shelves alongside safety rails on various sides and this is alongside a polyester foam and safety strap – all designed with the best for your child in mind.

12. South Shore Cotton Candy Changing Table

South Shore is a brand known for churning out some of the most excellent baby dressers and here is another good one – it is multipurpose but also simple in design. It boasts of three huge drawers and one massive compartment that come with three shelves.

The impressive quality is perhaps its biggest selling point. Other features include handles made from ceramic, drawer slides made from solid metal, and a warranty in place for five good years. In addition to all these, it also meets all the safety standards set in place by the relevant authorities.

Is money spent on baby dresser worth it?

Well, the thing is that you can live well without making use of a changing table. You can improvise with a sheet or changing pad on the desk, couch, bed, or floor. Even when you want to change the diapers for your baby on the first few occasions, you will think that there is no need for a changing table. But later on, you are going to realize that a changing table is needed when you start experiencing the following:

Pain in the Neck and Back

The pain in question here is not for your baby but for yourself and this is because of the frequent bending that you have to do whenever you are changing the diapers. This is the main trouble for tall parents. For those who also change using the floor as the pad, they will also experience pain in the knees. Imagine doing this for a whole year, it is not a nice thing.

Lack of Organization

If you have a changing table, then it comes with its compartments in which you will be able to store and organize many things, from towels to the powders and diapers. Lacking a changing table means there is no organization, everything is scattered and can be hellish when you are trying to locate an item.

Real Mess

We know that even on a normal day, changing a diaper can be a very messy affair and no one wants his or her couch or bed to be stained with smells or colors. When it comes to using changing tables, you can do it all without making a mess of everything.

Some may think that procuring a baby changing table dresser that will help for just about one year is a waste of money. But you should not look it that way, examine it from another angle: it is an additional hundred bucks that will go into improving your health or you can even see it as an investment in furniture. For those who want to have more than one kid, you will also be able to make use of the same baby dresser without needing to buy a new one. And when your children grow up, you can always gift the baby dresser to another parent in need.

Changing Pad or Changing Table?

When the time comes to search for what you will use for changing the nappies of your babies, you can go for either a changing pad or a proper changing table. Even though you can always go for a changing pad or even any flat surface, you are better off using a changing table.

Using a changing table for a baby dresser means that you are going to enjoy an easier way of doing things based on the user-friendly design and presence of several drawers, shelves, and other compartments. Even though the cost is higher than a changing pad, it is surely worth it.

But for those who have very limited space or restricted areas in the baby’s room, going for a changing pad is a nice idea. It is still much better than going for nothing at all and will ensure that your child remains comfortable always.

Knowing Which Changing Table to Go For

Once you have made up your mind to go for a baby dresser for your child, the next thing that you are going to think of is this question: which one should I go for? Well, there are several fantastic options but you need to settle for the ones that work best for you. You can select the closed drawer style or even the open-frame kind, here are available choices:

  • The first here is the regular changing table that has an open-frame structure. They come with no walls, just the construction, and shelves so you will have to do without the drawers and all your baby items are open for all to see. You can sort this by getting some extra boxes and putting them on the shelves. These kinds of baby dressers are the most affordable and they are quite functional. Another benefit is that you can move them around easily and they are not heavy. It is also stress-free to assemble them.
  • A set of drawers or the dresser-style tables is another variant of baby dressers that you can go for. They are typically larger than the open-frame types meaning they come with more stability. They have several drawers and can even boast of a few shelves so you can store all your items properly. This implies that all the tools that are necessary for changing the diapers can be kept in the drawers away from public view. When it comes to the design, they are more advanced than the classic types and this is because they fit much better into practically any design and blend so well with your furniture than the changing table. These variants are bulkier, more stable, and also costlier but more durable.
  • There are the corner changing tables that also make very good use of the space and you have a dormant corner, go for this type! This way, you are going to end up with more space which will become increasingly important as you start having kids.
  • All-in-One Baby Dresser: For those who are yet to purchase a bed for their babies, you should go for the one that is equipped with a changing pad. Just like with the corner changing tables, you are going to be able to save space while getting extra storage units. It is also ideal as the bed is close to the changing table so you can change diapers for your baby and put him or her to bed.
  • Unconventional Changing Beds: This is an alternative that should be considered by those who want something very exciting or out of the ordinary. To illustrate, you may procure a changing table with stairs for your child even if that will not serve many purposes for the first year. But then it will be helpful when the time comes for the kid to learn how to crawl. You can also purchase a changing table that has sinks, when things become messy; you are going to be justified for getting this kind.

Factors to be considered before Buying a Baby Dresser

Physical Dimensions

The first things here are the physical dimensions, particularly the height. There are cases in which parents end up buying the ones with too high or too low changing tables which is not good. Some just get attracted by the appearance and do not remember to consider the height before it is too late.

Modifying the height of the dresser can determine how much comfort you get. If the height is wrong, then you are going to be faced with strains and pains all over the body. So, you should check the height and other specifications before you decide to buy one. Other dimensions include the length and width, this is even more important if you are going to be using the product in a restricted space.

Space for Storage

This is a very crucial factor when it comes to purchasing a changing table. Some do not offer that much when it comes to storage space and others are others with a lot of space to spare. For those who are very interested in space, you should go to the dresser-style table. This is because it normally has two or even as many as six drawers so there is more than enough space for you to keep your entire baby care items.

Hints on Using a Baby Dresser

To ensure that changing the diaper is a very smooth and comfortable process for you and the child, pay attention to these ideas:

  • Get all the supplies in place before you do anything at all. It is strongly recommended that you have all your supplies and arrange them on the top table before putting your baby in position. This is going to ensure that you will always be close to what you need and even more importantly, there will be no need for you to abandon the baby on the table in case you forget anything.
  • Never forget the maximum weight capacity of the baby dresser and it is normally about 30 pounds. If you load it too much with supplies, it can break and that is not a nice thing especially when you have your child placed on it.
  • Position your baby dresser in a way that it is laying against the wall. This is going to ensure maximum stability and also provide safety since just one side will be open and even if the child rolls off, it will be to the side that you are already facing.
  • Here is the most vital hint – do not leave your baby alone without any form of supervision. A baby falling from a dresser can sustain very serious and life-threatening injuries so you must never allow that to happen, you must always have at least one hand on your child. You know that even one second is too much to leave a baby unattended to, so pay very serious attention to this tip.


It is believed that this guide has been quite helpful for you when it comes to selecting a changing table or an ideal baby dresser for your child or at the very least; you now have some useful ideas on how to go about it. For those who are yet to conclude on whether to get one or not, you should think seriously about your body and the strain you are going to undergo if you do not get one. Your health is worth more than a hundred bucks. Whenever you are done with making use of it, you can always give it out as a gift to another parent.

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