Pregnancy Journal: Week 22

Think Pink!

Last week I had a standard ultrasound to check the baby’s development. I was excited to find out that everything looked healthy, but disappointed that they couldn’t tell the baby’s gender. So after thinking about it for several days, my husband and I decided to have a private sexing scan done. There are a lot of companies that specialize in pregnancy ultrasounds, and many of them offer special services for sexing scans or the new 3-D scans.

We went in for the ultrasound and were very impressed by the place (First View, I’ll write a complimentary review of them soon). They checked my maternity notes, and rechecked all of the measurements of the baby. The baby looks healthy and the measurements match up perfectly with my due date.

The reason we went in, though, was to find out if we’re having a girl or a boy. I would have been happy with either, but I like knowing. I understand that a lot of people like the surprise and don’t want to find out, and I respect that. For me, I really like to know. I like being able to prepare better for them. Knowing what we’re having makes it easier to pick out a name, buy baby clothes, etc. It also makes it easier to bond with the baby before it’s born (especially for dads, I think) because instead of “it”, the baby becomes “my little boy” or “my little princess”.

The woman doing the ultrasound was very professional and wanted to be absolutely sure about the gender. She made sure to get several good views with the baby in different positions. I was asked to get up and walk around, move from side to side on the examining bed, and jump up and down. Don’t be surprised if you go in for an ultrasound and are asked to move around. Ideally, the mother moving around encourages the baby to move to a more favorable position.

We’re having a girl!!!

I’m very excited. It will be nice for our daughter to have a sister to play with, and we have loads of baby girl things already. Baby girls are just so darling dressed up in little dresses and everything.

If you are pregnant, think about whether you want to find out your baby’s gender or not, and discuss it with your partner. If you both really don’t want to find out, then don’t and wait for the surprise. Keep in mind, though, that you will be indescribably excited when your baby’s born anyway, and probably don’t need the added surprise. Also, there are advantages to knowing, and it makes it a lot easier to prepare for a baby’s birth.

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