Taking Photos for Pregnancy Memories

Pregnancy is not usually thought of as a very glamorous time in a woman’s life. Taking photos is often avoided until the last month of pregnancy to show your future child what they made mommy look like. Taking photos each at regular time intervals during your entire pregnancy is a wonderful way to keep track of your changing body and to have fond pregnancy memories to keep for yourself and your children.

As soon as you learn that you are pregnant have a trusted loved one take a photo of your bare belly while you are posed sideways. If possible give this honor to the father of your child. This will bond you together because he will get to see how much you are changing while your child grows inside of you. If the father is not around then a close relative that you are comfortable with will do just fine.

Keep Track of Your Growing Belly

Third Trimester
Third Trimester

Designate a certain place to take these photos. Be sure to use the same place each time and take the picture from the same distance. Get a good view of your entire midsection. Get as close as possible but do not cut off any of your growing bellies. To be more personal you can include your face as well, but the closer you can get to your belly the better.

You can take these photos of your journey through pregnancy each day, each week, or each month. Maybe you just want to take one each trimester to keep pregnancy memories of the dramatic change your growing belly went through. This is totally up to you. The more often you take these photos, the more interesting your photo album will be for you and your children in the future.

Invest in a durable and attractive photo album to keep your pregnancy memory photos. You will want this photo album to last a lifetime so that your children will be able to see what a miracle they were. Pregnancy is a fascinating subject for your children, especially when they try to picture themselves inside of your belly. This is a very educational way to show them how they grew.

This album will be very valuable to you as well. Years after your pregnancy you will completely forget what your pregnant body looked like and this photo album will be a great reminder. Pregnancy memories are all based around the birth and baby shower. Why not celebrate the entire process of pregnancy from start to finish?

Keep track of your growing body. You are a mother! Be proud and don’t take your precious pregnancy memories for granted. Taking photos is the best way to remember that we actually existed. This photo album is sure to last a lifetime and celebrates your children and your pregnancy.

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