Indian Baby Girl Names by Rashi

Classic and Unique Eastern Female Names

There are thousands of Indian baby girl names which can make it daunting for a new parent to choose a name for their child. Many want to reflect their heritage and yet have names that English speakers can pronounce. There are plenty of other considerations to make when choosing names.

Choosing a Good Name

When choosing an Indian baby girl name consider the following three factors:

  • Ensure the Indian name doesn’t translate into an odd or rude name in English
  • Ensure the name works with the middle and surname.
  • Ensure the initials do not spell something negative.

Girl Names Based on Indian Rashi

It can be a challenge for Hindu parents to find a simple and unique name for a baby girl that also meets the Indian rashi (astrology sign that is worked out by the time of birth). The rashi sign restricts the letters that names can begin with. Therefore the parents who want to name their daughter by the rashi will potentially need to find twelve names; as no one can accurately predict the time of birth to know the rashi in advance.

Here are some easy to pronounce pretty Indian baby girl names and their meanings split into the astrology sign.

Mesh (Aries) Names

Amrita – Amrit means immortality in Sanskrit. Amrit is mentioned in many Hindu texts from the Churning of the Ocean to Yogic Philosophy. In India the name Amrita became famous in the eighties when actress Amrita Singh debuted in the hit film Betaab.

Lalita is the name of one of the main gopi friends of Radha in Vaishnava history. The name means charming and beautiful. Lalita is also another name of Tripura Sundari, a Hindu goddess whose name means most beautiful of all three worlds.

Vrushabh (Taurus) Names

Vishakha refers to one of the 27 nakshatras in Indian astrology and also appears in Vaishnava texts as one of Radha’s most dear friends.

Uma is another name of Goddess Parvati who represents Shakti – the energy power of the material world (according to Hinduism).

Mithun (Gemini) Names

Karishma comes from the Urdu word meaning miracle. Bollywood actress Karishma Kapoor brought the name back into the public eye in the nineties as she appeared consistently in big name films.

Krupa or Kripa meaning compassionate can be traced back to the Mahabharata with Kripacarya being the name of the Kuru’s spiritual master. Krupali is another variation of this name.

Kark (Cancer) Names

Hansa refers to the swan – which is an important bird in Hinduism symbolising discrimination as it is believed the swan can filter out just milk from a mixture of water and milk.

Sinhh (Leo) Names

Manisha is one of the names of the goddess of the mind. Man means mind and isha means desire. Manisha is associated with intelligence and desire.

Maya refers to concepts of illusion in Hinduism, and usually alludes to associating with the physical body and not the spirit soul.

Kanya (Virgo) Names

Preeti meaning love or joy has several variations on spelling – one example is famous Bollywood actress Preity Zinta.

Tula (Libra) Names

Rani means Queen and the name also belongs to one of the leading actresses in the Bollywood industry.

Tanisha shot to fame in the sixties in the United States when an African-American appeared on Room 222. However the name also appears in the Hindu tradition and means ambition.

Vrushik (Scorpio) Names

Nisha means night and has a few spelling variants such as Neesha or Nesha.

Yamini refers to the nocturnal or night.

Dhan (Sagittarius) and Makar (Capricorn) Names

Bhakti is an integral concept in Hinduism relating to prayer and devotion.

Jiya means sweetheart or beloved and has become more popular on Indian TV programmes and movies.

Khumbh (Aquarius) Names

Gopi means milkmaid and is used for both male and female names.Gopis are highly regarded in Hinduism as they took care of the sacred cows and served Lord Krishna.

Swati is a timeless name meaning star however it also translates as “pearl drop”.

Meen (Pisces) Names

Deepika means a row of lamps and also has been more popular after the debut of Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone.

Chandni means moonlight and is another popular name in India.

Indian baby girl names usually originate from Sanskrit or Hindi words, and popular Bollywood film actresses often result in names being used more by prospective parents. Anyone wanting to find a unique baby girl name according to the Indian rashi will find the links below useful.

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