Hebrew Baby Names and Their Meanings: A List of Jewish Baby Names for Girls and Boys

Choosing a baby name can be difficult, and there are many different places to choose names, ranging from family, the Bible, or even celebrities. Hebrew baby names have personal and religious significance and will be respected by family members, and the child as he or she grows older.

Parents should choose a Jewish baby name based not only on the sound of the name but the baby name meaning, too. Here are lists of popular Hebrew baby names for girls and for boys, as well as their meanings.

Hebrew Baby Names for Boys

Hebrew baby names often come from the Bible, and many of them honor God. Other names refer to character traits that are traditionally valued in men, such as strength and courage. Looking for a Jewish baby name and its meaning? Look no further than this list.

  • Aaron: Mountain, high priest or messenger
  • Abahu/Abihu: The Lord is my Father
  • Ben: Son, boy
  • Carmel/Carmeli: A garden or vineyard
  • Doron: A present or gift
  • Emanual: God is with us
  • Ethan: Constant, steadfast, strong
  • Gideon: A mighty warrior
  • Hosea: Rescue or salvation
  • Isaac: The laughing boy
  • Isaiah: Salvation is found in the Lord
  • Jacob: Supplanter. Literally: Held by the heel
  • Jesse: Wealthy, or a gift
  • Keshet: A rainbow
  • Levi: United, or to accompany
  • Micah: Who is similar to God?
  • Mordecai/Mordechai: A little man or warrior
  • Noah: Comfortable, or a rest
  • Oz: Courage and strength
  • Raphael/Rafael: Healed by God
  • Reuben/Reubyn: Behold, a son!
  • Saul: An answered prayer
  • Shawn/Sean: God is gracious
  • Toby/Tobias: God is good
  • Uri: A light or flame
  • Uzi/Uziel: Strength or power
  • Yagel/Yahel: He will shine or rejoice
  • Yaron: He will sing joyfully
  • Zachary: To be remembered by the Lord
  • Zion: A sign

Hebrew Names for Girls

Many Hebrew baby names for girls also come from the bible. The character traits represented by these female names include grace and purity. Parent will enjoy sharing the name’s meaning and how it was chosen with their daughter once she’s old enough to understand. Here’s a list of Jewish baby names for girls and their meanings.

  • Adi: A jewel
  • Amissa: A friend
  • Basha: Daughter of God’s promise
  • Carmel: Woodlands, forest, or orchard
  • Chaya: Alive
  • Dalia/Daliah: A branch
  • Eden: Pleasure, enjoyment
  • Fifi: He shall add or enlarge
  • Gili/Giliana: Joy or happiness
  • Gabbie: He is my strength, might
  • Hedva/Hedvah: Joy or happiness
  • Ivana : God is gracious
  • Jada: A wise woman
  • Jessica/Jessie: God’s grace
  • Kadishah: Holy
  • Kaylah: Laurel crown
  • Leah: Weary one
  • Lilith: Spirit of the night
  • Magda: One who is elevated
  • Mara/Maria: Bitter or sorrowful
  • Moria: My teacher is God
  • Neri/Neria: God’s lamp or candle
  • Nina: A gift of grace
  • Odelia: Wealthy one
  • Pazia: God’s gold; or, to glimmer like gold
  • Penina: A jewel, such as coral or pearl
  • Rayna: Clean or pure
  • Ruth: Friend with compassion
  • Sadie: A princess
  • Shira: Melody or song
  • Talia: Dew in God’s Heaven
  • Tovi: God’s goodness
  • Varda: A rose
  • Zakai: Innocence and purity
  • Zila: A shadow

Whether looking for a Hebrew baby name for a little one on the way, or just to research the names of friends or relatives, baby name meanings can be interesting and important. Often, Jewish baby names reflect and honor God, as these lists demonstrate.

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