11 Best and Interesting Baby Walkers

As a parent, you will be more than excited to see your child take those initial steps and whenever they do so, you will be very eager to give all the support for your child. But the reality is that not all parents have the time to do this but not all is lost as there are baby walkers that have been designed to help with this.

Before we proceed, you must never leave your child alone with a baby walker. These products must be used with the parents observing and giving assistance at all times. Studies show that practically all baby walker injuries occur when the parents abandon the children so you must never do that. After a comprehensive study, here are the ones that we believe to be the very best baby walkers in the market:

1. Joovy Spoon Walker

Joovy Spoon Walker, Adjustable Baby Walker, Activity Center, Charcoal


  • Presence of a massive tray
  • Seat pad can be used with washing machine
  • Folds for convenience
  • Three height positions possible


  • Toy stations absent
  • The height is short

This is one of the most outstanding products, as far as baby walkers are concerned. Even though it does not have any of the toy stations that your baby is going to find exciting, the quality is excellent – you have to get toys separately for your child and the price is not cheap at all.

It is fitted with a huge tray and this can become very helpful when it is time for you to feed your child. The snack insert that comes with it is also safe to use with the dishwasher. It is very comfortable for children and the safety pad is a much-cherished feature. You can even detach it and clean it properly with a washing machine – life is truly easy with it.

Three height positions come with this baby walker but several customers have stated that it gets a little too quickly for the growing baby. The product offers height support of as much as 33.5 inches so you need to ensure that your child is not going to outgrow it in a very short period – do not forget this consideration.

2. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration Free Packaging)


  • Parents who want their children to have some independence will enjoy this
  • There is a modifiable tension with the rear wheel
  • There is a detachable learning center that has sound effects and lots of games
  • It can work on several floors


  • The lightweight frame means it is not very stable

This is concerned by many to be the most excellent of baby walkers on the market. This baby walker from VTech is an ideal choice if you want reduced support for the baby to increase independence. It is crafted for toddlers and babies within the age range of three months and three years. An outstanding feature of this product is that it has an interactive learning center and that means there are lots of toys that your child is going to enjoy playing with.

The five piano keys also mean that your child is going to not just enjoy the music but also spark the skills of creativity that lie in them. The product also comes with a pseudo phone handset that offers more fun for your baby. To assist with the development of motor skills, the baby walker comes with a pair of spinning rollers, three shape sorters, and three light-up buttons but that is not all. It also has other things like sound effects and over 70 musical tracks.

The ease of use is one of the best selling points of this particular baby walker and this explains why VTech has made sure that it comes with wheels that work on both carpets and hard floor surfaces. There is also a pair of rear wheels that can be set to make pushing either harder or a lot easier for the baby – it all depends on how you want it.

3. Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Baby Walker

Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker


  • Detachable toy station present
  • The foldable design allows good storage
  • There are three height positions
  • Seat pad can be used with washing machine


  • Batteries are absent
  • The huge loops can be dangerous for the child

This is designed to be as easy as possible for babies who are just about to commence the stage of walking. This is because the cockpit made in the shape of a ring offers a lot more support for the child. It is also perfect for babies that love toy cars since there is a steering wheel on the detachable toy station. A child can enjoy the baby walker alongside the songs and musical effects that have been incorporated as part of the toy station.

It is also interesting to point out that the baby walker has a total of three settings for the height and that means that there can be an adjustment as the child is growing. The brand does not outline the age range for the product but it has given a weight range suggestion of 15 to 26 pounds. Also, the baby walker comes with a foldable design which allows for ease of storage of the product and that is another plus.

4. Safety 1st Ready Baby Walker – Mickey Silo

Safety 1st Ready, Set, Walk! Walker, Mickey Silo


  • Activity tray is easy to clean
  • Very foldable
  • Three settings for height adjustment
  • Excellent sound effects and toys for entertainment of the child
  • Seat pad can be used with washing machine
  • First-class support


  • Transition is not easy on floors
  • Materials are not of the best quality

If you notice that a child appreciates the characters from Disney, then this is a baby walker for you and that is because it has several exciting Disney toys that have several developmental acts. In addition to these, it has a dozen musical tracks and a flashing light that allows your child to have a lot of fun with maximum ease.

The baby walker also comes with a compact tray that adds to the entertainment value for your child if you so desire. It is quite easy for the tray to be cleaned by simple wiping and that is quite helpful when you plan to feed your child while in the walker. Well, as you might have even expected, the baby walker has three settings for height adjustment. The product has maximum weight support of 30 pounds so you need to confirm the size of your child before you purchase it so that your child is not going to outgrow it in a matter of weeks.

5. Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Baby Walker

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Walker


  • Detachable nautical toy station
  • The seat comes with straps that can be adjusted
  • Steering wheel promotes adventurism in the child


  • Pair of loops can constitute a hazard for the child
  • Transition is not an easy thing

Baby Einstein is known for having some of the most beneficial baby products and this baby walker that they have on offer is a good choice. For parents who want easy and simple to use a baby walker and if you do not want your baby to be bored or you happen to like nautical motifs, here is the one that has been designed for you – so go for it.

It is fitted with a detachable toy station with sound effects and toys that offer maximum entertainment for your child. There is also a steering wheel that assists the child to make the best of curiosity as the baby makes use of the steering wheel to explore the world.

Even though this baby walker does not come with modifiable height settings, it is equipped with straps that can be used to fix the seat and that can give the child the proper level of comfort as he or she grows. As for the seat, it also comes with a raised back that offers additional support for the back of the child.

6. Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Baby Walker

Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Infant & Baby Activity Walker - Seated or Walk-Behind, Jubliee


  • Ease of conversion
  • Stress-free folding for proper storage
  • Seat pad height is modifiable
  • Friction pad optimizes safety


  • The child may find it hectic to turn

For parents who are looking for cost-effective products, this baby walker from Kolcraft is the best choice for you considering your budget. It comes with a two-in-one design and that can even be deduced from the name itself. What this feature means is that you can utilize the baby walker when you are seated or when walking behind it, based on how the child feels with reduced support in the standing position.

As for the entertainment, the product comes with three developmental toys and these include a bead bad for the development of motor skills, a spinning ball used for batting play, and a flower mirror toy that has crinkle petals.

The height of the seat pad can be modified and has allowed for babies that have as much as 32 inches in height. As for the range of weight that is supported, it is from 15 to 26 pounds. Hence, it is an outstanding option for younger children.

The product is also one that folds neatly and easily thus enjoying ideal storage. In addition to these, the seat pad is detachable and can be used with a washing machine, and all this means that your child is going to remain comfortable and refreshed at all times.

7. Combi Baby Activity Walker

Combi Baby Walker and Interactive Mobile Activity Center with Quick Release Snack Tray | Features Sounds, Lights, Mirrors for Development Stages| Anti-Skid Safety Feature | Purple


  • There is a three-position adjustment mode for the height
  • Detachable car hood comes with a spacious tray
  • A lockable jumper is also present
  • There are many musical effects, toys, mirrors, and lights


  • Height adjustment may not be an easy thing
  • Jumper feature can be stressful for the child

The design of this baby walker has been called one of the most interesting and eye-catching in the market. Even though it is remarkably pricier than the others on the market, you are not going to regret spending your money on it because it offers maximum value for you and your child. It is very good for children who have a passion for cars or female kids and this is because of the array of features that it boasts of. In addition to the steering wheel, this baby walker also has a pair of side mirrors, lots of musical effects, and toys that will make life a lot more interesting for your energetic child.

You can gain access to the massive tray area once you detach the hood; the tray serves as a space for the toys and refreshments for your baby. There is also a jumper feature that allows for an even more enjoyable experience for your kid. But you need to know that some kids may not find the jumper that interesting so you will have to pay all the attention that you can.

The product also comes with three settings for the height and that means that you will enjoy it very well with babies growing fast. You must also remember that there are users who have raised issues with the adjustment of the height and that is because of the design.

8. Disney Music and Lights Baby Walker

Disney Baby Music and Lights Walker, Happily Ever After (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


  • The theme is perfect for daughters
  • The detachable entertainment unit allows for a huge refreshment tray
  • The foldable design allows for stress-free storage
  • Entertaining illumination and sounds are present
  • Three positions available for height adjustment


  • The wheels can store dirt quickly
  • You will have to keep adjusting the strips as the product moves on different surfaces

Here is another brilliant baby walker from the stable of Disney and the design and array of features present on it means it is an excellent option for female children. The reason for this is that it has a bright pink color and the toys all have a princess theme.

There is also an expansive selection of toys alongside many musical features and illumination that will ensure constant entertainment for your daughter. In addition to these entertaining features, the product can also be used as a comfortable tray for refreshments once you detach the unit for entertainment.

Here is a baby walker that also comes with grip strips beneath it and the reason for which this is present is to control the motion on surfaces that are not even. These strips can make movement difficult but that can be sorted easily by just doing removal of the strips.

To ensure maximum convenience, the baby walker also comes with three height positions that your child is surely going to find useful. It is also possible to have the baby walker folded so transport and storage will not be an issue for you whenever you are making use of it – it is designed to be as comprehensive as possible.

9. Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Walker

Delta Children Lil' Drive Baby Activity Walker, Black


  • Excellent appearance with cars
  • Snack tray present
  • Musical effects and illumination alongside the steering wheel
  • Foldable design


  • Turning is not always easy

There are a lot of baby walkers that have been reviewed earlier this is another one that is worth the mention. This can be a very good option for your boys but even more than that is the very pocket-friendly budget. It also comes with a versatile entertainment unit with buttons for lights and musical effects plus a shift stick and even a steering wheel. When your child gets hungry, you can detach the toy tray so that the snack tray becomes visible and your child can enjoy all the refreshments and meals with ease.

The parents were also put in mind when designing this and that explains why it can be folded in a flat position which helps with travel and storage. In addition to these, three height settings allow for the growth of the child.

10. Baby Trend Trend Baby Walker

Baby Trend Trend 2.0 Activity Walker, Blue Sprinkles, Blue


  • Detachable toy bar
  • Foldable construction allows easy storage
  • Huge tray for food and toys
  • The expanded base for maximum stability
  • The padded seat can be adjusted


  • The adjustment is not very high

If you are thinking of a more spacious alternative for your child, then you need to pay attention to this option because it has all the free space that you need for your child to play with the toys. Regarding toys, this baby walker can be described as fundamental and that is because it boasts of just a bad which can be used for the development of motor skills. If you are fine with that and your baby will not have any issue with it, then here is a very good choice for you and it even makes a lot more sense if you consider the price.

The toy bar is detachable and that means you can create even more space where you can arrange your baby food and other toys. The baby walker features a modifiable seat that has three positions for adjustment and this is in addition to having a high padded back. It is also possible to detach the seat and use it with a washing machine. Another characteristic with it that many customers love is that you can easily fold it so storage and the transport are not going to pose any challenge.

The base of this baby walker is also remarkably wider than the others and the significance of this is that there is a lot more stability and support for your baby. This can be very helpful in a case where your child is just beginning to learn how to walk. But you must also carefully consider if the space you have is too limited.

11. Disney Minnie Music and Lights Baby Walker

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Music and Lights Baby Walker with Activity Tray (Garden Delight)


  • Excellent alternative for daughters
  • Design is foldable
  • A pair of activity trays come with Disney characters
  • Reliable wheels for the floors


  • Issues reported with the opening trays
  • The padding of the bottom section of the seat could have been better

This is truly another fantastic option as far as baby walkers are concerned and it is also very good if you have daughters because of its pink appearance alongside the theme of Minnie Mouse. As far as the toys are concerned, this is a walker that can be said to be very simple and you may want to consider procuring the toys differently. But that said, it must also be pointed out that it comes with a dozen songs that your child will be thrilled with!

A pair of separate trays for the toys can be shifted aside to open the food tray, which is very big. But there have been complaints by some users concerning the functionality of these trays. Hence, it is better to detach them rather than just swing them up.

Just as seen with many of the other baby walkers, this one comes with a three-position modifiable and detachable seat that is padded. However, there have been some instances in which customers have complained about the absence of padding on the bottom of the seat. For this reason, you may need to come up with some additional fabrics on your own but the ability to fold them easily makes everything stress-free for you.

When should you start using a baby walker?

Just like the parents out there, you will also be interested in making sure that your children get the very best and this is particularly true when they are just growing up in the first few years of their lives. But even at that, you may not achieve the desired results if you do not have the correct information on how to go about it.

As for the baby walkers, thinking of making use of them as early as you can even sound lovely but if you start making use of them too early, you can even negatively impact the development of your child. This can sound strange but that is the fact.

This is based on the fact that a child will only be set to make use of a baby walker only when he or she has developed the proper musculoskeletal skills of locomotion. Two principal issues can be associated with a child at this stage of development and they are thus:

  • The baby may not be able to utilize the baby walker with safety: Baby walkers need a good level of motor skill from the child before they can be used properly. If the child lacks these motor skills and proper coordination that comes with even standing up at first, the child will find it difficult to maintain balance when in the walker.
  • The baby can get dependent on the baby walker too swiftly: Another obvious risk here is that the child can become dependent on the baby walker meaning that they have to use learn how to walk all over again when the baby walker is no longer in the picture.

Baby Walker FAQ

Q: Are baby walkers even ideal for children?

A: The interesting answer here is that baby walkers are not even based on recommendations. Research has shown clearly that children who make use of the baby walker are going to end up walking like a month or so later than the other children who grew up without it.

Q: Some countries prohibit the use of baby walkers, why?

A: It is true and Canada is an example of a country where baby walkers are prohibited. This is because a baby walker can turn into a very dangerous weapon if you end up leaving it alone with your child. You have to use a baby walker with maximum caution and you must never leave it with your child unattended, even for a second. In the United States of America, there are cases of injuries in the thousands concerning baby walkers.

Q: Are there alternatives to baby walkers?

A: Well, the good thing is that there are other options that you can make use of if you do not want to, or cannot make use of a baby walker. These include activity zones, baby jumpers, push walker toys, and doorway jumpers.

Q: Can bow legs be caused by baby walkers?

A: No, a baby walker does lead to the development of bow legs in your child. There is no proof whatsoever that there is a connection between baby walkers and this deformity.


Baby walkers can be very useful when you want your child to grow on his or her own while you are also contributing your effort. These products can also function as useful toy boxes that a child will find very exciting. Now that you have seen some of the most excellent baby walkers on the market, it should now be a lot easier for you to make a good selection.

Before deciding on which one to go for, you will have to consider several parameters. These include the price, design, features present, warranty package, and most importantly, safety certifications. Choosing the best one and using it properly is a good step in the right direction for the development of your child.

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